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Twinning in style: The Fashion Trend That’s Here to Stay! - Cubs & Co.

Twinning in Style: The Fashion Trend That’s Here to Stay!

Fashion trends are always changing, but one trend that's been bringing smiles to our faces is "twinning" – when parents and kids rock matching outfits. It's such a fantastic way to show off family love and capture adorable photos. So, let's dive into the world of twinning and discover how the Cubs & Co. range of matching hats can add that extra charm and style to this awesome trend.

Twinning: It's All About Being Matchy-Matchy and More!

Twinning is more than just wearing the same clothes; it's about celebrating the unique bond between parents and children. It creates a sense of togetherness and shows off the love and connection within the family. And when it comes to twinning, customised clothing, bags, accessories and hats are the real stars, adding a touch of personalisation to this fun trend. 

Why twinning in our Cubs & Co. personalised matching hats is so much fun:

  • Personalised Awesomeness: Customised hats let you add a personal touch by putting names, initials, or even family slogans on them. It's a fantastic way to express individuality while twinning with your little one.
  • Match Your Style: With our customised hats, you have the freedom to choose designs, colours, and fonts that match your family's unique style. Whether you're into vibrant colours, playful prints, or fancy embroidery, you can create hats that perfectly reflect your family's personality.
  • Capture the Magic: Twinning in customised hats creates magical moments and adorable photo ops. From family outings to special occasions, these hats become cherished mementos of your family's bond.
  • Practical and Versatile: Hats aren't just fashionable; they're practical too! They protect you and your child from the sun's rays during outdoor adventures. And when they're customised, they add an extra layer of style and uniqueness. 

Ready to jump into the fun and fashionable world of twinning with Cubs & Co.? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Hat Styles Galore: If you're not a big fan of having your initials or name displayed on your hat then explore all the different hat styles like baseball caps, beanies, wool fedoras, sun visors or wide-brimmed bucket hats. Choose the ones that match your family's personalities and the occasion you're twinning for.
  • Mix and Match Colours and Designs: Go for matching or complementary colours and designs to create a cohesive twinning look, it doesn’t all have to be exactly the same. You can even include family themes or symbols to amp up the personalised factor.
  • Strike a Pose: Don't forget to capture those twinning moments with some awesome photos. Strike playful poses, show off those hats, and let them shine as the stars of your fashionable twinning memories.
  • Expand Your Twinning Game: Take the twinning experience to the next level by incorporating matching or coordinating outfits, shoes, or accessories. Let your creative juices flow and explore different ways to express your family's unique style.

Twinning is a fun fashion trend that celebrates the unbreakable bond between parents and children. By adding personalised touches, coordinating colours and designs, and capturing precious moments, you'll create an adorable experience. So, embrace the joy of twinning and let your customised hats become a symbol of your family's love and unity in the world of fashion!


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $120 away from free shipping.
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