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Sun-Smart Kids: 5 Fun Ways to Master Sun Safety

Sun-Smart Kids: 5 Fun Ways to Master Sun Safety

Protecting your family from the sun is a year-round commitment, especially in Australia where the UV index can be dangerous even in cooler months. Sun-smart habits reduce the risk of skin damage and promote overall health. However, teaching and encouraging young kids to be sun-smart can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be! 

Here's 5 fun and clever ways to teach kids the importance of sun-safety

  1. Shadow Tracing: 
    On a sunny day, invite your kids to trace their shadows with chalk on the ground. When their shadow is shorter, it means the sun is high, and it's time to play in the shade or don a hat and sunglasses for extra protection.

  2. Sun-Smart Scavenger Hunt:
    Organise an exciting scavenger hunt focused on finding essential sun protection items. Hide hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen around the house or garden, and provide clues that lead them to these treasures while teaching them about the significance of sun safety.

  3. UV-Sensitive Colour-Changing Stickers:
    Get hold of magical UV-sensitive stickers that change colour when exposed to sunlight. Stick them on your kids' clothing, and as the stickers change hue, explain that it's a sign they need to reapply sunscreen or find shade. You can find these fantastic stickers here.

  4. Glitter SPF50+ Sunscreen:
    Sparkle some fun into applying sunscreen with
    Sundust - these awesome SPF50+ sunscreens contain glitter and gold shimmer and NO nasty chemicals.

  5. Lead by Example:
    Remember, wearing matching hats not only fosters a sense of togetherness but also sets a powerful example for your kids. By showing them that sun protection is essential for everyone, they'll be more likely to embrace these habits with enthusiasm.

UV colour-changing stickers

UV stickers

SunDust Glitter SPF50+ Sunscreen

sundust glitter spf50+ sunscreen for kids

Fun Matching Family Hats

cubs and co matching father and son hats

With these super fun and engaging activities, teaching sun safety becomes a total blast that your kids will remember forever and adopt! So, let's dive right into this awesome sun-smart adventure together!

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