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How to keep your skin healthy this winter

It’s now officially winter, and it's cold! If you’re anything like me, winter seems to wreak havoc on my skin. As a busy working mum though I don’t have time for a million skin and cream routines.

To get some help we caught up with busy mum of 2; Chelsea, from Wax & Polish in Bondi to get her advice. 

Chelsea’s top 5 tips to keep your skin hydrated in winter

Apply a nourishing face serum and moisturiser before bed

Cool air can often make our skin feel tight in the morning, and because our skin is at its busiest turning over cells and repairing itself during the night, nourishing and hydrating your skin at night gives it time to penetrate into your skin, so you wake up feeling and looking fresh! I love Dermalogica Power Rich as it can be used for 5 different things; eye cream, lip cream, serum, moisturiser AND exfolinat! WINNING!

dermalogica power rich, dry skin in winter, cubs and co

Always apply hand cream before bed (doesn’t have to be fancy)

A cream to coat your hands will keep them from drying and feeling rough. With all the washing us mums do, there’s nothing worse than the feeling of dry cracked hands!

There are hand creams that are great for cuticles too so that’s always a plus when it helps prolong our mani. When the cuticles on our fingers get too dry they can pull and cause flakey and sore cuticles. We don’t need our hands whilst we sleep so it’s the most effective time to have a rich cream mend the barrier of our busy used hands!

top tips to keep skin healthy and hydrated in winter, cubs and co

Always keep Carmex or Papaw Ointment next to your bed

My lips get particularly dry in winter so before bed I always put a coat of balm on, so I don’t wake up with dry lips!

keep your skin healthy in winter, cubs and co

Use a face masque (just once a week)

Let’s face it, as busy mums we don’t always have a spare 15 minutes to do a face masque, nor can I have long showers as I’ll get booted out by my kids or hubby, so my most effective and practical time to put a masque on my skin is AFTER my shower, whilst cooking or doing laundry.

My favourite product is Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque. I call it an ‘ambulance in a tube’. It seems to fix everything!

best creams and masques for dry skin, cubs and co

Water water water!

I’ll be honest, I drink way more coffee and wine than water, but this is the much more hydrating option to keep your skin glowing throughout the colder months. I’m still working on that one myself 😆

 top 5 tips for good winter skin, cubs and co

Lastly, don't forget to wear your beanies AND hats in winter  

It’s important to dress appropriately in the colder months to avoid getting sick so make sure you check out our range of family beanies to stay warm but don’t forget that even in the cooler months the UV index can still be harmful meaning you should always wear a hat if outdoors in the sun. Explore our matching family snapback hats suitable for everyone all year round.

 top tips for dry skin, cubs and co

Love Mandi


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